Although the fascias and guttering on your home play a vital role in protecting against the damages of adverse weather conditions, they are often left unconsidered when determining which components of your property are in need of a replacement. Both the fascias and guttering go through their fair share of wear and tear, which means that ensuring that they remain in full working order is essential.

With this in mind, if you have noticed that these components are beginning to deteriorate or your home is still fitted with timber systems, then scheduling a replacement will be crucial in preventing irreparable damage to your property. The first step to your replacement will be determining which material will be best suited to your requirements. By far, the most durable and reliable option is uPVC, but if you are unsure whether this is the right choice for you, we have put together a guide to the key benefits of uPVC and how the material can protect your home.

What The The Benefits Of uPVC Fascias And Guttering?

uPVC has become one of the most popular modern construction materials with everything from uPVC windows to complete uPVC conservatories now available for your home. The material is commonly used as a more reliable, long-lasting alternative to painted wood, offering all of the benefits of more traditional alternatives but far cheaper and with less need for maintenance. It boasts a number of benefits, which is why uPVC has now become the leading material for guttering and fascias. These benefits include the following:

Fascias and Guttering

1. Can Withstand Harsh Weather

The primary purpose of fascias and guttering is to prevent any moisture from being able to seep into your home; ultimately, protecting your property against the potential dangers of rainfall, such as dampness. This means that it is imperative to choose those with a material that is able to withstand harsher weather conditions and uPVC provides just that. Unlike more traditional gutter and fascia materials such as timber, uPVC will not rot or warp when exposed to the elements. This means that you will not have to worry about the material weakening with age, remaining fully functional for many years to come.

The durable nature of uPVC minimises the risk of rainfall penetrating the roof rafter ends, preventing severe damage to your roofing which could result in expensive repairs to fix leaks. It also means that even when pressure is applied to the guttering and fascias, such as when there is an accumulation of snow and ice, the material will not lose its shape and start to crack.

2. Boosts Roof Longevity

As mentioned above, fascias and guttering are designed to protect your roofing against harsh conditions, which inevitably will help to boost its longevity. The fascias act as a support for the bottom edges of your roof tiles while also concealing the ends of the rafters, which means that the weather will not damage the roof. Guttering, on the other hand, collects all rainfall and then directs it away from the roof, preventing the water from causing a leak. This will also ensure that the foundations of your home are not exposed to excess water and moisture, stopping them from weakening too early. Together, these components create a roofing protection system, minimising the likelihood of a severe problem.

Along with installing uPVC fascias and guttering, there are many other ways that you can increase the lifespan of your roof, such as the following:

  • Keep Trees Well-Trimmed – If you have any trees nearby to your property, it is vital to keep them well-trimmed. Not only does this prevent branches from falling onto the roof in high winds, but it will also stop the branches from rubbing against the roof and loosening the shingles. Take a look at RHS for more information on how to cut back trees safely.
  • Regular Roof Cleaning – From fallen leaves to debris, there is a whole host of contaminants that can build up on your roof. Not only this, but mould and mildew can also accumulate, which can quickly spread across your property. Ensure that you regularly clean your roof to keep it in full working order, particularly after the autumn months.
  • Improve Loft Insulation – Although this is a slightly more expensive investment, improving your loft insulation will come alongside many benefits. Along with preventing heat loss, added insulation will also prevent heat and moisture damage on your roof.
  • Fix Problems Swiftly – In the event that you do experience problems with your roof, ensuring that you schedule repairs as soon as possible is imperative. Common issues that come with wear and tear such as punctures and open seams are all relatively straightforward to rectify if acted on early. However, if left to grow, can lead to a full roof replacement.

white guttering

3. Requires Little Maintenance

One of the most beneficial qualities of uPVC for homeowners is that it is a low maintenance material, which makes it a fantastic choice for fascias and guttering as these are components that are often left untouched for many years. With more traditional alternatives, such as wooden fascias, the paint will start to peel with age, which means that the surface will need to be stripped and painted every few years. Guttering, on the other hand, is typically made from iron, which not only needs regular painting too but is also far heavier than uPVC, making it trickier to remove and reinstall to carry out maintenance tasks. However, should you choose uPVC fascias and guttering, you will not have to worry about deterioration as they are designed in white or grey plastic, which will not need to be painted at all. All they will require is cleaning twice a year or more if you notice that they have become particularly grubby.

Cleaning your uPVC system couldn’t be more straightforward, and it is entirely your choice whether you opt for using DIY methods or enlist the professionals. Should you choose to clean your own fascias and guttering, the best route would be to spray the surface with uPVC cleaner, leave it to begin breaking up the dirt then wipe away the dirt with a soft damp cloth. Depending on how much build-up there is, you might need to do this a few times. Once all dirt has been removed, simply go over the surface one last time with a dry cloth.

4. Improves Property Appearance

Every update that you make to your property is, of course, going to improve its appearance and while often left unconsidered, new fascias and guttering can make an immense impact on the aesthetics of your home. This is particularly important if you are planning to put your home on the market in the near future as the condition of the roofing system and all its components are most definitely a factor that potential buyers will factor into their decision.

The overall appearance of uPVC fascias and guttering are far more modern than their alternatives. They offer a clean edge and continuous shape with no seams, typically in a grey or white colour. As mentioned previously, this colour will not fade with time, nor will it flake or peel, so you can be sure that you can maintain the original appearance. You can also choose to pair your roofing systems with uPVC doors and windows, for example, which creates a coherent look across your property.

new fascias and guttering

5. Increases Energy Efficiency

Fascias and guttering create the first line of defense against the unpredictable British weather that we all know too well. Along with the roof, they create an additional barrier between the rain, wind or snow and the inside of your home. Together, this helps to keep the cold weather at bay, ensuring that no draughts seep their way into your home and therefore, force you to turn up your central heating to make up for the cool breeze. In mitigating any need to rely more on your central heating, your energy bills will start to lower and in return, your efficiency will be improved. This is something that we should all be actively trying to achieve as it will slowly lower the carbon footprint of your home, helping you to play your role in reducing global warming. For more handy tips on how you can make your home more energy-efficient, take a look at Direct Energy.

6. Recyclable Material

When making any updates to your property, sustainability should play a vital role in the decisions that we make. With this in mind, when installing uPVC as your chosen material, you will be pleased to know that your decision will be positively impacting the environment. uPVC is made from plastic which means that once you are finished with your fascias and guttering, it couldn’t be easier to recycle them. In fact, uPVC can be recycled as many as ten times before the material will begin to lose its composure and can no longer be regenerated for another purpose. This means that although you may have purchased your fascias and guttering from brand new, they are likely to serve as much as another 400 years before they are thrown away for good.

In order to ensure that your old uPVC is put to good use and does not impact the environment, it will be vital to ensure that you recycle it correctly. Recycle Now is a super helpful website for all areas of recycling and allows you not only to search for information by item but also based on your postcode. Through using this website to your advantage, you can most definitely begin to play your role in creating a greener household or workplace.


7. Saves Money In The Long Run

Although replacing your fascias and guttering with uPVC alternatives will require an initial investment, albeit far cheaper than other materials, you will most definitely see a return. In choosing a material that boasts durability and robustness, the likelihood of a problem occurring will be minimised, meaning that you will not have to pay out for repairs. You will also save a considerable amount of money on maintenance as there will be no need to pay fees to cover repainting and should you choose to clean your systems yourself, all you will need is a few essential supplies. Together, this will save you money in the long run, which can then be spent on updating other areas of your home.

An Affordable Yet High Quality Investment!

uPVC has become increasingly popular when it comes to finding the best suitable material for home improvements, and with the wealth of benefits, it is easy to see why. While it is always essential to spend time researching into different options, uPVC is a strong contender when replacing your fascias and guttering, and the benefits are guaranteed to continue for many years to come!