Once moved into a new property, there is bound to be an endless checklist of things that you wish to change to make it feel more like home. The windows are likely to be one of the bigger investments that you make, so it is important to ensure that when choosing windows for a new home, you find the perfect design. There are an abundance of things that you will need to consider, from the price to the material, all of which will have an impact on the aesthetics of your property as well as your comfort level in both the winter and summer.

Choosing Windows For New Homes: All You Need To Know

The windows on any home can dramatically change the appearance of your property, and you can turn what use to be a tired and outdated looking house into a modern and chic property. There are many factors that contribute to the finished look of a window, and some are best suited to certain style homes, and others are best for families with younger children. To give you a helping hand in trying to find the perfect windows for your property, we have pieced together a guide on the following:

Window Styles

The windows that you install will be largely influenced by the type of property you own; whether it be traditional or contemporary. The reason being is that on older properties, the windows tend to be narrow and perfectly spaced along the property for a symmetrical appearance. Whereas, contemporary properties can have fairly obscure windows, with some replacing a whole wall. For this reason, it is important to take your home’s features into consideration, as it could impact how the window looks against the property once it has been installed.

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Traditional Windows

Owning a period home is a luxury that not everyone has the privilege of, and are stunning with their picturesque architecture and scenic surroundings. However, it can become hard to find modern windows that allow you to benefit from new and improved designs and glazing without distorting the appearance of the property. While it may not be the same for every home, in most cases, a traditional property looks best with a timber frame and slash style windows. Luckily, Crown uPVC Supplies has the skills and experience to replicate the look of timber to suit period homes through other materials such as uPVC. This allows clients to widen their horizons and choose a window that suits the property as well as their personal requirements.

For those with a beautiful cottage, we would recommend small casement windows, as it is much easier to incorporate double glazing into a Georgian or Victorian style home without disturbing the aesthetics. While some older properties may be limited in the range of windows that can be chosen from, new window advancements allow Crown uPVC Supplies to replicate windows with better quality and more reliable materials. If you would like to know more about uPVC casement windows, then please feel free to contact the team.

Contemporary Windows

The size of windows on homes has increased significantly over the years, which is partly down to the cheaper and easier methods used to make and install windows. The great thing about large windows is that it means you can incorporate more natural light into the home, which will inevitably make it feel bigger and brighter. If you have some new builds popping up in your area, then you may have noticed that longer windows have been introduced to the design. Not only has the window space become larger, but the glass itself has also widened slightly due to the new trend of having as small frames around the glass panes as possible.

Many new builds will use aluminium frames due to its use of high rise windows. Not only this, but the black effect that it gives off provides a contemporary feel to the property. uPVC is also able to mimic this effect, so it is always recommended that you look into the different options that you have available, as some can provide you with the same outcome at a lower price!

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Types of Windows

Regardless of whether you have a period or modern home, there are many different types of windows that can offer you a whole range of benefits. If you live in a conservation area, then you may find that a specific style of window is required, and while this may restrict you in style, it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the exceptional quality available. For example, traditional homes usually have slide and slash windows with a diamond crosshatch, but this can easily be made more modern and aesthetically pleasing through the materials used. You can find out more ways to make a traditional home more modern without ruining the vintage vibe by taking a look at the American Institute’s article.

For more of an insight into the different types of windows and what homes they are best suited to, here are the five most common window types:

  • Sliding Sash – Traditionally, sliding sash windows were used on Georgian and Victorian houses, but there has seen a dramatic influx in use for other property types, including commercial properties. The windows are available as vertical sliding slash windows or horizontal sliding slash windows and offer stunning definition to any property type.
  • Tilt & Turn – Being one of the most popular forms of domestic windows, the tilt and turn style offers an abundance of benefits to any property. Conventionally, tilt and turn windows are best suited to modern homes and work by either pulling the handle down to tilt open, or pulling the handle up to unlock the window from the frame and open inwards.
  • Flush Fit – While the design of the flush fit may seem modern, and have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, they are actually a design that was used over 200 years ago! Because of their more traditional design, they are best suited to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian style properties.
  • Double-Hung – A more popular choice of sliding sash windows is a double-hung window, which offers the same design and mechanisms, but allows you to open and close the windows from both the top and the bottom. This provides you with exceptional ventilation and also comes in various different designs. You can add panels and decorative features, which is ideal for giving modern homes more character and allowing you to keep in tune with a traditional home.
  • Casement – A casement window comes in various different styles, but the style that you opt for will depend on the type of house that you own. For example, a split casement window is perfect for cottage-style design, while small glazed units are better for mimicking a Georgian style home. For a more contemporary look on modern homes, side hung casement windows ensure that the window does not interrupt your home’s view.

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect windows for the type of property that you own, then take a quick look at Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford, which consists of some helpful tips and tricks!

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Window Materials

The frame of any window can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics it provides as well as the benefits it offers. For this reason, it is extremely important that while you think about the type of window you opt for, you also think about the frame and the material in which it consists of. There are now a vast amount of materials in which you can choose from, making it much easier to replace windows, whether you are looking for something completely new or wish to replicate your existing windows.

Some of the materials are cheaper to manufacture, making it a cheaper option to install for those with a smaller budget. While they may be cheaper, they still offer durability and aesthetics through their professional and advanced design, along with the ability to provide an extensive array of colours. Here are the most common materials used for windows, along with their many benefits:

  • uPVC – as one of the most popular materials, uPVC is used for many home renovation projects, such as windows, doors and even conservatories. One of the reasons many homeowners opt for uPVC windows is because of its ability to replicate almost any window material and colour. Not only this, but homeowners can benefit from the long lifespan and durability of this material, offering resistance to both mould and corrosion.
  • Aluminium – a fairly new material to enter contemporary homes is Aluminium, which is most often used for high rise windows that start at the floor and end at the ceiling. While these are not commonly found on traditional homes, they can add a hint of modern style to Tudor homes.
  • Timber – if you are looking to create an economically friendly home then a timber frame is going to be your best option. Timber is renewable and costs fairly little to install. There are many benefits to timber frames, such as thermal efficiency and reliability.

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Types of Glazing

Many older homes, if they have not been renovated in recent years, will have single glazing installed on the windows. Single glazing is not as effective as their newer and improved counterparts, double or triple glazing. For this reason, new builds have double glazing, and an energy efficiency rating of no less than a C. The rating starts at A++ and goes down to a G, the lower the rating, the less efficient the window. Therefore, if you have just purchased yourself a lovely new build, the likelihood of you having to change your windows is very slim.

While double or triple glazing may prove a little bit more expensive, they come with an array of additional benefits that not only improve your comfort, but can actually save you money in the long run. Some of these benefits include the following:

Choosing The Right Windows For Home

As you can tell, there are a whole host of things that you need to consider when choosing your window style. There are tonnes of ways that you can customise your windows to suit not only your personal preference, but also your property. Hopefully, our guide has helped to give you a better understanding of your options, and the multiple ways in which you can modernise your home through the window design. If you have any further questions, or would like to know more about our collection of windows and doors, please feel free to contact the team for more information.